Contact details

Nibbled Catering

41 Drynham Road Trowbridge, Wiltshire BA14 0PE England

t: +44 (0)1225 768 071

m: +44 (0)7803 616 063


Bar Terms and Conditions

Glugable will:-

  1. Be the sole provider of all drinks at the licensed event unless previously agreed otherwise.
  2. Apply and pay for any Temporary Events Notice (Liquor Licence) needed for the event. (Opening times of bar cannot be guaranteed as the final decision rests with the relevant authorities but "Glugable" will do their utmost to acquire the times requested).
  3. Supply all equipment and staff required for the bar, including the collection of glasses.
  4. Reserves the right to serve drinks in plastic glasses should the water supply not have sufficient mains pressure to operate a glass washing machine effectively.


A deposit together with a sign contract will be required for securing the booking which is payable by cheque to "Nibbled Catering". Please send all payments to:- 22 Northend, Bath, Avon BA1 7EN

Less than 100 Guests £100 Deposit
100-200 Guests £150 Deposit
200+ Guests £250 Deposit

The deposit is fully redeemable once the sum of £500 has been taken over the bar.

Any deposit refunds will be made directly back to you the client within 7 days of the event taken place.

No licences will be applied for if the deposit has not been received, and our offer of service will therefore be withdrawn. This is unless we have specifically agreed otherwise.


28 days notice is required for a full refund of deposit paid.


Our fee is based on the location of the event, number of guests attending, difficulty of loading/unloading and time involved. We keep our fees as low as possible and rely on the accuracy of the above facts supplied by the client.

The fee is required 28 days prior to the event. Less than 28 days can result in loss of booking and deposit.


"Glugable"" reserves the right to withhold £5.00 per head from deposit for significantly less people attending throughout the event times than the minimum you have stated. If you know in advance that less people will attend, please let us know as we may have to revise our fee.

In the case of free/prepaid bars, if more people attend than have been paid for we will give you the opportunity to pay for the extra guests at the agreed price per head. This is payable immediately. If you cannot be found, or refuse to pay we reserve the right to close the bar.

Pre-Ordered Drinks/Packages

Any wines, champagnes or drinks packages must be paid for 14 days prior to the event date - unless otherwise agreed in writing.

The Law

All of our bars work under The Licensing Act 2003, and all relevant restrictions will be upheld by our staff. The most common of these we encounter are as follows:

  • No alcohol will be sold to anyone under the age of 18, or who appears to be so and cannot prove otherwise. If your event includes guests around the age of 18, please ask them to bring ID.
  • It is an offence to sell or supply or supply alcohol to anyone under the age of 18. If we suspect that anyone is doing so, service from that person will be withdrawn. If we see anyone we know to be underage drinking alcohol that has been purchased from us, we confiscate the drink or ask you to do so.
  • We will not serve anyone who is excessively drunk, or who is abusive or threatening to staff or other customers.


We use a variety of vehicles for our bars based on size of the event, but the most common being medium sized vans and people carriers/4x4's. We must be able to park these vehicles as close as possible to the venue to unload and load again at the end of the event. The vehicles can be repositioned in between these times if necessary, but space must be available to enable us to perform these functions and to park.

If space is not available and we have to park illegally, you will be responsible for payment of any non endorseable parking fines. We will not, under any circumstances, park or unload in an area where our vehicles may be towed away, locked in, clamped or we may be given an endorseable penalty. If for any reason we use a larger vehicle than normal, or multiple vehicles due to the size of your event, we will inform you well in advance.

In any issue with regards to parking the decision of our driver is final. If for any reason he or she finds it unsafe tom park or load and unload in a particular area, they will contact you, or your allocated liaison to discuss an alternative.

Payment for drinks

All drinks are paid for as sold on the night, with the exception of prepaid drinks packages or prepaid free bars. We do not offer credit, and will not run a tab type bar unless monies have been paid prior or an agreement has been drawn up. If however you wish to put money behind the bar, to pay for drinks for other guests, we will happy to do so.